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Men's Squads 1875 - 1990

Watch a rolling slide show of Wasps over the years and watch hairstyles and hairlines ebb and flow... If you want it to stop at any time hold your mouse over the picture.

1875-1876 (Unbeaten Season)
Top, L-R: HJ Cresswell, CE Sharman, J Howell, TA Fison, A Poland, A Shellshea, PR Parsons Bottom: GEG Metcalf, W Angle, GL Lyons, RL Pugh, BJ Angle (Capt) E Bishop, AL Keller, A C Clunies-Ross, RT Swain (Pres)
1930-1931 (Unbeaten Season)
WHS Cairns (Hon Sec), J Cooke, RY Stevens, DC Meadows, H Fossett, N Compton, PS Morris, JG Wigley, JW Bruford, EK Sawtell, K Saunders, JY Broughton, ECR Hopkins, RM Swyer (Capt), OS Raune, WP Garbutt, RH Jeans
W Edney, DW Malcolm, JR Cox, HC Clarry, A Gawith, A W Boon, L Hutchinson, CM Averill. SA Paige, GR Evans, EHS Tarbart, N Compton (capt), HM Bowcott, JC Hudspith, EK Cornes
1966-1967 Wasps Centenary XV
Top, L-R: N. Compton (Touch Judge), A Miles, R Parsons, J Postle, CS Dutson, G Morgan, GW Wyman, R Skinner, SJ Pilbeam, GJ Bendon, RB Collier, DWA Rosser, ACB Hurst, TG Arthur, EV Barnes (LSRFUR), RC Ashby, GJ Keith, FEJ Hawkins (Absent WT Treadwell)
5th April 1967 Wasps XV v Beaconsfield Presidents XV
Top, LR: Unknown, Richard Compton, Peter Yarranton, Gordon Bendon, Mike Cutter, Ted Appleby, Tim Massey-Odbert, Peter Harding, DC Jones, Don Wills. Bottom: Peter Mettler, Terry Arthur, Bob Collier, Eric Smith, Clive Ashby, Freddie Hawkins, Mike Ireland
Top, LR: Neville Compton, Laurie Hawtin, John Powell, Mike Field, Gareth Morgan, Andy Mortimer, John Van Dyke, Jim Kent, Jeff Stringer, Johny Norris, Dave Rosser, Tubby Town, Billy Treadwell, Andy Hurst, Tony Miles, Mike Ireland, Ricky Parsons
1970/71 Last Game of the Season
Top, L to R: Nic Nicholson, Barry Evans, Mike Tarbuck, Alfie Shortland, Tony Cooper, Grahame Francis, Dave Gardener, Pete Smith. Middle: Bruce Peters, Colin Hansen, Neville Compton, Gareth Morgan, N/A, Alan Raynes, Peter Spirey, John Hewitt. Bottom: Jeff Luckman, Mike Ireland
Top, LR: Billy Treadwell, Bev Hewitt, Tony Ambrose, Garrick Faye, Eric Smith, Eddie Laxton, Robbie Bertrum. Bottom: Unknown, Clive Ashby, Mike Ireland, Tony Miles, Freddie Hawkins, Don Wills, Peter Mettler, Roger Michaelson
Wasps A v Toronto Scottish 27th April 1980
Back Row: Geof Watkins, Guy Pulfer, Malcolm Evans, Bob Sankey, Bob Pettit, Julian Foster, Martin Stroud, Rod Cockburn, Gareth Morgan, Rick Ward. Seated: A A Richards, John Powell, Dave Trotter, Phil Mannall (capt) Front Row: Peter Smith, Dave Hicks, Keith Bartholomew, Andy Tiplady, E R Nicholson (President). Wasps won 38 - 10: Julian Foster 1 Try, Andy Tiplady 1 Try, A A Richards 2 Tries, Rick Ward 1 Try, Malcolm Evans 5 Conversions
1977 Wasps FC Nomands Easter Tour Folkestone 1977
Top, L to R: John Penman, Alan Raines, Paul McCann, Chris Newsum, Dave Trotter, Rob Johnson, John Bush, Rod Cockburn, Paul Emery, Dick Elliott. Front: Tony Brown, Chris Winstone, Peter Marno, Roger Skinner, John Langley, Giles Bailey, Bill Cuggy
Top, L to R: Iain Perkins, Paul Rendall, Mike Leggat, John Thompson, Rob Smith, Alan Ischei, Sol N'jie, Bottom: Ian Grocott, John Gallagher, John Lamben, Mark Taylor, Malcom Evans,John Gallagher
1979 Wasps' Magnificent Sevens!
Charlie Ardargh, Mark Rose, Rob Smith, Paul Minihan, Roger Pellow, John Cullen, Mark Williams, David Peglar and coach Ian Palmer (blazer).
1979 Nomads Easter Tour
Top, L to R: Chris Newsum, Hugh Anderson, Dick Elliott, Dave Mason, John Langley, Noel Murphy, N/A, Hugh Gavin, John Bush, Brian Brown, Roger Skinner, Hoss. Bottom: Rob Newton, Peter Denton, Pat Harris, Dave Trotter, Nigel Davis, Simon Ennis.
Top, L to R: Robin Hughes, Andy Rayner, Mike Leggatt, Nick Stringer, Rob Smith, John Thompson, Richard Cardus, Paul Rendall, Ian Grocott. Bottom: John Gallagher, Alan Isichie, Paul Huntsman, Jon Lambden, Mark Taylor, Nigel Melville, Sol N'jie, Iain Perkins, Malcom Evans
Top, L-R: Alan Black, Nigel French, Ian Bell, Alan Isichie, Paul Rendall, John Bonner, Sol N'jie, Mike Leggat, Don Wills (linesman). Middle: Mark Walbeoff, Ian Ball, Mike Connor, Brian Godfrey (President), Tony Richards, Tony Cooper, John Drake, John Waldren, Andy Rayner, David Gardner
1981/82 Wanderers
1971 Middlesex 7s
1966 Wasps Internationals
L to R: David Rosser, Terry Arthur, Micky Barnes (President), Clive Ashby, Bill Treadwell.
1980 Wasps Far East Tour
Top, L to R: Ian Bell, Paul Huntsman, Haydn Davies, Terry Sell, Paul Rendell, Martin Brooks, Geoff Graham, Les Lewis, David Gardiner Middle: Vince Owen, Rob Smith, Colin Green, Iain Perkins, Keith Bonner, John Bonner, Stefan Purdy, John Cowell, John Thompson, Sol N'Jie, Ian Grocott, Max Green (Alikadoo!) Bottom Seated: Andy Rayner, John Waldren, Graeme Cattermole (Club Treasurer) Don Wills (Linesman), Mark Taylor (Captain) "Nick" Nicholson (President) Alan Black, Jon Lambden, Malcolm Evans
1980-81 Vandals
1990 Courage League Champions

The whole of the Wasps legends squad epitomised everything rugby stands for - community spirit, great banter, competition on the pitch and the making of some lasting friendships.