Wasps – The Sensory Room


Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation donated a small grant of £2,500 to Wasps community foundation.

Wasps Legends funding helped contribute to a brand-new Sensory Room at the Coventry Building Society Arena. Wasps have become the first premiership rugby club to launch a pitch-facing sensory room for people with disabilities. This also allows families to access a safe and accessible space while attending rugby matches.

Wasps community team took two hospitality boxes at Coventry Building Society Arena and turned them into a dedicated quiet viewing room and a separate sensory space. Children and adults with disabilities such as autism can watch the game while being shielded from loud noise and bright lights.

The sensory room has two components; a viewing room split where individuals can sit on bean bags, chairs, or high stools to watch the game. There is an adjacent space with calming sensory equipment such as bubble tubes and fibre optic lights.

The idea for a sensory room came about after Wasps fan Neil Boon was inspired by the efforts of the Shippey Campaign, which is a project encouraging the use of viewing sensory rooms within stadiums.

For further information, please visit their website:
https://theshippeycampaign.com/ https://www.wasps.co.uk/news/wasps-sensory-room/

By Ollie N’Jie