Oct 2018 – Teens in Crisis

Teens in Crisis were awarded a small grant award in October 2018 after being nominated by Mark Rogers.

Wasps Legends donate £2,500 to Teens in Crisis.
Donation will provide face-to-face and online counselling for young people suffering from mental health or emotional wellbeing issues.

Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation, the past players network of Wasps, men and women, amateur and professional announced today that they have issued a small grant award of £2,500 to Teens in Crisis.

TIC+ (Teens in Crisis) is a vibrant, local charity servicing Gloucestershire. Their mission is to improve, preserve and promote good mental health and well-being among children, young people and families. They provide free access to face-to-face, online and family counselling for those aged between 9 and 21 years. Since 1993, TIC+ has supported thousands of children and young people every year who are struggling with mental health and emotional wellbeing issues.

The £2,500 donation award will fund face-to-face counselling for young people suffering from mental health or emotional wellbeing issues who refer themselves or are referred by their family to receive support. In the last 12 months, over 2,000 children and young people have received face-to-face or online counselling. Each young person receives an average of seven sessions and it is estimated that in the next 12 months a total of 16,500 sessions of face-to-face and online counselling will be offered in Gloucestershire alone.

Claire Power-Browne said of the grant: “We are delighted to receive this grant from Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation, recognising the value of the work done by our dedicated team throughout the county. This grant will enable us to continue helping young people and their families at a time when they need us most. We are enormously grateful to Wasps for partnering with us to help us move closer to our vision of giving every young person someone to talk to.”

Genevieve Glover, Chair of Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation said of the announcement: “Ensuring the good mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people is essential to ensure they are set up for success in the future. For whatever reason they access Teens in Crisis, we are immensely proud of the work the charity does in order to help young people reduce their anxiety and stress levels, dealing with family relationship problems, low self-esteem and depression.”
The full press release can be downloaded here. For further information visit Teens in Crisis.