Oct 2018 – SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect was awarded a small grant donation in October 2018 after being nominated by Mark Rogers. We catch up with them on how the £2,500 donation they received has helped support vital assessment equipment for our Loan Library Project.

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SpecialEffect were awarded a small grant donation in October 2018 after being nominated by Mark Rogers.

Wasps Legends donate £2,500 to SpecialEffect.
Donation will provide vital computer equipment to support activities for the severely disabled.

Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation, the past players network of Wasps, men and women, amateur and professional announced today that they have issued a small grant award of £2,500 to SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect enables severely disabled people to use technology in any way possible, with whichever parts of their body that work best, enabling them to join in with family and friends; to communicate, be included & get the most out of life. SpecialEffect support people for life – for as long as the person needs, and all their services are completely free of charge.

The £2,500 donation will fund vital equipment for their Loan Library Project, encompassing tailored support to severely disabled people’s abilities. They visit people in their own homes if too poorly to travel or welcome them to their Games Room in Oxfordshire with its suite of accessible gaming equipment. SpecialEffect work with individuals to enable them to use technology by capturing and using whichever part(s) of their body that has movement; the technology is then adapted to their specific and very individual needs. This empowers people to join in with family and friends, to be included and not left out – often for the very first time. They can achieve things they never thought possible. A ‘make a technology wish’ if you will; they tell SpecialEffect what they want to do & SpecialEffect does whatever they can to make that happen.

Alison Hilborne said of the grant: ‘This is a wonderful contribution towards our work and we’re absolutely delighted. The equipment Wasps are funding will be used over and over again, helping many people with disabilities. Tom, a young man we supported, probably put it best when he said simply, ‘Thank you for giving me my life back’. And Ian’s family wrote to us after Ian recently passed away, ‘When Ian played online, he wasn’t Ian who had muscular dystrophy in a wheelchair, he was just ‘Ian’, your average 27-year-old as far as anyone would know. This gave Ian a new independence, the freedom to be ‘normal’ which we think really helped prolong his life’. That’s the difference this fantastic donation will be helping to make, and we are extremely grateful.’

Genevieve Glover, Chair of Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation said of the announcement: ‘We are proud to be supporting SpecialEffect with the work they do with people with all types of disability. To give someone the opportunity to play games, communicate, get creative and enjoy much needed fun, escapism and inclusion greatly improves their quality of life.’
The full press release can be downloaded here. For further information visit SpecialEffect.