Feb 2018 – Restart Rugby 2018

Restart Rugby, the official charity of the Rugby Players’ Association was awarded a small grant in February 2018 after they were nominated by Peter Scrivener.

The small grant that has been awarded to fund intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy support for Ed Jackson, who suffered a career ending neck injury in April 2017. Ed was just 28 when a horrific accident left him virtually paralysed from the neck down. Ed fractured and dislocated two vertebrae, shattering the disk in between and compressing his spinal cord. He was left with no feeling below the neck and was told he may never walk again, let alone play rugby. Restart Rugby have been by Ed’s side following his operation and intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Although initially confined to a wheelchair, Ed has been making a remarkable recovery. Within six months of his accident Ed was back home with friends and family and walking – usually with the support of a stick.

Restart Rugby is the official charity of the Rugby Players’ Association, supporting current and former professional players suffering from serious injury, illness or hardship. The charity provides financial support for players forced to retire and unable to work due to serious illness or career changing injury, helping with medical costs, rehabilitation and home improvement for disabled access, while supporting players through the transition out of rugby into retirement, providing career path opportunities and helping players retrain or attain qualifications. Restart Rugby also provides emotional support for players and their families struggling with depression and mental health issues through our confidential counselling service.

The full press release can be downloaded here. For further information visit Restart Rugby.

Small Grant Update:

From left to right:
Rob Lozowski, ,Roger Uttley, Nathan Hughes, Sol N’Jie, Susie Baxter, Mark Rogers, Ed Jackson, Andy Goode, Gary Holmes, Matt Symonds and Nabs Suma.

On 14th April 2018, at the Wasps v Worcester game, Ed took the opportunity to meet some of the Trustees and Wasps Legends to say a personal thank you for the support he received from the charitable foundation.