March 2019 – Fulham Reach Boat Club

In March 2019, Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation donated a small grant of £2,500 on behalf of the late Bob Collier to the Fulham Reach Boat Club. Bob Collier’s Family nominated this Charity.


The Fulham Reach Boat Club aims to improve lives through rowing by providing “Rowing for All”.  They aim to give access to rowing to a cross-section of our community, especially those most in need because of financial hardship or social circumstances and help them realise their full potential both on and off the water.

They also aim to help them realise their full potential on and off the water. Specifically, they aim to give every student in Hammersmith and Fulham state schools and surrounding areas the opportunity to learn to row. They have been tackling “food insecurity” over the summer holidays, helping reduce the reoffending rate of serving prisoners and giving the local community access to the river.


The Fulham Reach Boat Club goes above and beyond to level the playing field and make rowing accessible, particularly to those most in need, unlocking the true potential of young people through rowing. At Wasps Legends, we are proud to have supported the Fulham Reach Boat Club and helped them achieve their goals.


A quote from Fulham Reach Boat Club:


“We are so grateful to have Wasps Legends Small Grant support which means we can continually provide “Rowing for All” across all our local state secondary schools, growing rowing participation whilst developing a life-long love of sport for our young people.”


For further information, please visit their website:

By Ollie N’Jie