Oct 2015 – Findacure

Findacure was awarded a WLCF Small Grant in October 2015, after Wasps Legend Elin Haf Davies nominated them.

The grant will go towards helping to run empowerment workshops aimed at rare disease patients and advocates. There will be four workshops held throughout 2016, which will be attended by around 40 patient group advocates each. Last year, these patient group advocates represented a combination of 317,985 patients living with a rare disease. The grant will hopefully help even more patients this year.

Findacure is a UK charity focused on building the rare diseases community, to empower patients and to drive research and develop treatments. They operate according to three core aims: to empower patients to build innovative and effective patient organisations for individual rare conditions; to campaign for a receptive research environment amongst the medical industry and policy makers; and to facilitate treatment development by building drug repurposing projects for use in rare diseases.

James Harding, Chairman of Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation said: “We are very pleased to be supporting Findacure in empowering rare disease patients and advocates to take back control of their conditions and push research into these neglected diseases.”

Flóra Raffai, Executive Director of Findacure commented: “We are incredibly grateful to the Wasps Legends for this donation. People affected by rare diseases often face an uphill struggle to raise awareness and promote research into their overlooked conditions. This generous donation will allow us to organise empowerment workshops to enable patients to overcome this struggle.”

For further information visit www.findacure.org.uk.

2016 Impact Report
Read the full report of how our small grant has helped the work of Findacure.