2020 Lockdown – The Umtshayelo Foundation

In March 2020, Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation gifted a small grant of £2,500 to The Umtshayelo Foundation. David Constable nominated this charity.

The Umtshayelo Foundation aims to work alongside those who want to transform communities scarred by poverty and deprivation by offering structure and support.

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, nearly half of South African households have lacked food. An estimated 3 million individuals lost their jobs during 2020 and were added to the growing unemployment figures of the country.

The Open Kitchen was created to respond to the hunger crisis in their communities. When

others could not work, the people at TUF were providing meals and giving them support.

The Umtshayelo Foundation was overwhelmed by how many people showed up and how far some parents walked with their children for meals and sometimes food parcels.


With the funding from Wasps legends, The Umtshayelo Foundation could continue to support their Open Kitchen. This allowed them to produce many emergency meals and food parcels to provide to their communities in need.


At Wasps Legends, we are proud to have supported such an important course, which continues to help those in need. We also would like to wish The Umtshayelo Foundation the best of luck with the incredible work.


For more information, please visit their website: https://tuf.org.za/.

By Ollie N’Jie