2020 Lockdown – The Serge Betsen Academy

During the 2020 lockdown, Wasps Legends Charity Foundation donated a £2,500 small grant to the Serge Betsen Academy. The Wasps Legends community nominated and voted for the charity.

This grant was used for the campaign against malaria. With the funding, we contributed to Serge Betsen Academy, buying 566 boxes of medication and ten mosquito nets. They were distributed as follows:

  • The Eau Claire centre in Bangangté received 260 boxes of medicines to treat at least 240 cases of malaria, i.e. 100 children, 100 teenagers and 60 adults.
  • The Abraham and Sarah centre in Bafia received 113 boxes to treat at least 70 teenagers and 28 adults.
  • The Jardin Eden centre in Yaoundé received 78 boxes to treat 78 children.
  • Finally, the Zoétélé centre received 115 boxes needed for the care of at least 50 children and 50 teenagers.


A quote from Serge Betsen Academy:

“It is an honour to be supported by the Wasps community along with other great charities. We are proud of using rugby to positively impact the lives of Cameroonian kids!

This grant will be used for the malaria campaign, as we had during Covid19 more malaria cases with the kids than never before. We still don‘t know if it is due to the fact that more kids and families, in general, come to our clinics because they trust us and especially the nurses or if it is because the drugs for malaria are missing due to the frontiers being closed. No medication is coming from Europe or the US.
Through this campaign of malaria, we want to cover our five centres.

Thanks again to all the Wasps Legends for your generosity!”

Wasps Legends are proud to have supported the import work and cause that Serge Betsen Academy strives for. We are delighted that we could help fund an important campaign and essential resources.

For further information, please visit their website: https://www.sergebetsenacademy.org/health-the-anti-malaria-campaign-has-started/.

By Ollie N’Jie