2020 Lockdown – ICU Steps

During the 2020 Lockdown, Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation gifted ICUsteps with a small grant of £2,500. This money went towards printing and sending out 250 booklets to all the Intensive Units in the UK. We are happy to have helped ICUsteps fund this project.


A quote from ICUsteps:

“Information about the effects of critical illness and the impact this has on patients and families is paramount for people to understand what has happened to them. The road to recovery can be long and lonely, and throughout the pandemic, the lack of visitors had devastating effects on patients and families. This was our opportunity to help in a small way and inform people they were not alone.

Thank you for helping us achieve this goal.”


For further information, please visit their website: https://icusteps.org/information/guide-to-intensive-care.

By Ollie N’Jie