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Klas International

Klas International
Klas International recognise there's nothing more reassuring than a recommendation from a friend or trusted business contact. That's why we offer our clients access to elite services from a large, specially-selected network of trusted partner and referral companies representing the best in business and personal services.

We operate a unique ambassador system to cerate win-win scenarios for our clients and partners and referral companies. Our ambassadors are household names from the worlds of sport and television, arenas we know well.Ambassadors ensure our clients are introduced to the partners and referral companies who can help them most effectively. This isn't an ordinary service but we suspect you're not very ordinary yourself. Why not let them give you a competitive advantage?

Website: www.klasinternational.co.uk

The whole of the Wasps legends squad epitomised everything rugby stands for - community spirit, great banter, competition on the pitch and the making of some lasting friendships.