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Causeway Technologies

Causeway Technologies

At Causeway, we foster a strong belief that what we do is of significant benefit to the entire construction industry. Our software solutions and services, our management and our staff are all dedicated to enabling construction companies to unlock value in their businesses. We believe that the innovative use of technology can increase profitability, not just at the project level but also across whole organisations and the entire construction industry. That's why we say with confidence that Causeway is behind the profitability of the construction industry.

Causeway Financial Management solutions provide organisations involved in procuring and delivering construction projects with specialist software and services that increase their profitability. Bringing together reliable cost, value and performance management capability, Causeway enables organisations to increase process efficiency, manage cost and reduce risk, thereby optimising their ability to create shareholder value.

Causeway's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provide companies with the means to leverage knowledge and exercise complete control over information relating to projects, departments or entire organisations. Causeway ECM enables risk reduction, increased efficiency and optimises performance in terms of quality and delivery ' all of which will contribute to increased profitability.

Causeway's Supply Chain Management solutions provide the software and services to maximise profit margins throughout the entire tendering process. From estimating to procurement and beyond, our products provide an innovative and integrated approach to reducing risk, managing cost, and ensuring compliance ' ultimately helping our customers to win more profitable work.

Whether they are small operations or the biggest names in the business, Causeway customers all benefit from our dedication to innovative product development, outstanding service and our commitment to ensuring sustainable profitability in the construction industry.

Causeway has a close relationship with Wasps Legends and we are delighted to support the charity.

For more information visit our website or contact us marketing@causeway.com or by phone on 01628 552000.

Website: www.causeway.com

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