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Hope and Homes for Children

24th February 2018

Hope and Homes for Children
Hope and Homes for Chidlren was awarded a small grant donation in February 2018 after being nominated by Solomon N'Jie. We catch up with them on how the £2,500 donation they received has helped support moving vulnerable children into safe, loving and nurturing homes.

Read the full update here.

Hope and Homes for Children was aawarded a small grant in February 2018 after being nominated by Solomon N'Jie.

Hope and Homes for Children is working towards the day where children no longer suffer institutional care. A global expert in the field of deinstitutionalisation, we close institutions, support children into safe and loving families and prevent family breakdown. Established in 1994 at the height of the Bosnian war, we have since been building a global movement to eliminate orphanages within our lifetime. Currently working on the ground in seven countries across the world (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Rwanda and Uganda), and influencing the decisions made by governments in many more, we are getting ever closer towards achieving our goal or ending institutional care for good.

The donation will support 2 vulnerable children from orphanages in lasi County in Romania into safe, loving and nurturing families. Due to extreme poverty, poor employment and educational opportunities, regular flooding and lack of government services mean that families are at continual high risk of separation; with children placed in institutions as a default response to family crisis. By providing the intensive support, this donation will return the 2 children currently confined in these three institutions into families; providing the vital, wider holistic support thatís needed to help prevent future separation.

To read the full press release click here. For further information visit Hope and Homes for Children.

Read the six-month update from Hope for Homes for Children on how they are benefiting from their small grant donation.

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