WLCF grant awarded to School of Hard Knocks

Wasps Legends donate £5,000 to the School of Hard Knocks.

This donation will support the work of SOHK for Schools girl’s programmes.

Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation, the past players network of Wasps, men and women, amateur and professional announced today that they have issued a small grant award of £5,000 to the School of Hard Knocks (SoHK).

School of Hard Knocks is a social inclusion charity which runs courses that use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, anti-social behaviour, crime and health. The charity has an expert team of coaches and mentors and is supported by a wide range of high profile individuals from within and outside sport. Our work has been documented five times by Sky Sports since 2007 and has grown into one of the most effective and high profile courses in the UK, working with some of the most hard to reach individuals in our society.

The £5,000 donation award will enhance the SoHK for Schools programme that WLCF supported in 2014-2015. SoHK for Schools works with hundreds of children every week in England, Wales and Scotland. While the programme is thriving, the vast majority of the schools cohorts are made up of boys. SoHK want to address this imbalance by focussing on the establishment of more girls cohorts, particularly with a view to taking advantage of the huge momentum behind women’s rugby in the UK and globally. In the past year, SoHK have successfully piloted 3 cohorts of girls across London and Cardiff. The grant received will now help to launch the programme to a wider number of schools across the UK. This is supported by a small team of international women players who have coached or still coach the girls, providing not just fantastic coaching but superb and consistent role models.

Ken Cowen, CEO of School of Hard Knocks said of the grant: “It is such a huge encouragement to us to be connected with the Wasps Legends family: The main WLCF grant that was awarded to us a few years ago, enabled the launch of a schools based work that now sees 700 vulnerable children supported by our rugby and behavioural coaches on a weekly basis. We now have new programmes for girls in England, Wales and Scotland – and this years grnt will directly support that essential work. Thank you – Legends in every sense!”

Genevieve Glover, Chair of Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation said of the announcement: “Schools of Hard Knocks is a relationship that we are so pleased we can continue on year on year and shows how are funding can be so beneficial to young people. It is great to see how our main grant in 2014 really launched the SoHK schools programme and we are very proud that they are now focusing on a girls programme to really embrace the diversity and inclusive nature of rugby.”

The full press release can be downloaded here. For further information visit School of Hard Knocks.