Update to Just4Children Small Grant donation

In October 2017, Just4Children were awarded a small grant of £2,500.

The donation was used to purchase specialist equipment, including a specialist bespoke fitted bath, for Owen Murphy. Owen suffers from a low core tone alongside fluctuating tone in all of his limbs.

Owen’s parents sent the Legends this message at the end of February to update us on Owen’s progress.

Hi everyone,

A very belated thank you for all of your support through Peter in donating an amazing amount of money to our little boys foundation – Owen Murphy, ‘our little warrior’.

Owen is 18 months and as he is getting bigger the need for equipment and treatment is becoming more apparent so your generous donation will be a huge help with proving him with the support he needs to flourish.

I’ve attached a picture of Owen as most of you haven’t or maybe won’t meet him, just so you can put a face to the kind work in getting the donation through you have all done.

All the best,
Kel, Joanne, Owen and Zach