Update from Brent Center for Young People

The Brent Centre for Young People was awarded a small grant donation in June 2018 after being nominated by Solomon N’Jie.

We catch up with them on how the £2,500 donation they received has helped support the two young people with age-appropriate talking therapy.
As planned, we’re allocating the funding to supporting two young women who started to be seen at the Centre during the summer.

One of them started in July and was seen for an extended initial assessment of 3 sessions, which is now completed. ‘Initial assessment’ is the initial stages of a talking therapy, when the young person and a psychotherapist find out what the issues are, whether talking therapy would help and whether the young person would like to start a longer yet flexible talking therapy called Adolescent Exploratory Therapy (AET) on a more regular basis.

AET is a flexible talking therapy that does not have a specific time limit: it also works with young people at a pace that is appropriate for them and allows them to book each appointment week by week.

At the end of the assessment this young person has expressed the wish to start a course of AET, which she will do with a different Therapist than the one she’s seen in July.

The other young person also started AET this summer after having had just one session of initial assessment when she and the Psychotherapist agreed for her to start immediately. Her Psychotherapist says that she has been engaging well with the therapy and has made good use of her sessions so far. She is likely to make good progress in the 12 months planned for her therapy, which this grant will greatly help with.

Making our services easily accessible is really important since we know teenagers find it hard to wait once they have decided to seek help. We are grateful to the Wasps Legend Charitable Foundation for enabling us to continue to be there for young people when they need it.”

For further information visit Brent Centre for Young People.