The Inaugural Christmas Lunch – 2nd of December 2021

The Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation inaugural Christmas Lunch was a huge success.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, and we hope you had a festive and entertaining time.

During the Christmas lunch, hosted by Peter “Scrivs” Scrivener, we heard some excellent singing from Mark Kenny. A comedy performance from Ian Irving. We also listened to some of the fantastic work that the Legends and Friends of the Legends have achieved over 2021.


We would like to that The Anthologist for a fantastic Christmas lunch and service by their superb team.

Finally, at Wasps Legends, we would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022; we are incredibly excited for the year ahead. We are constantly striving to host new and exciting events, working towards our goals. We hope to see you at another event soon.

For further information about our upcoming events, please visit our events page or email Ollie at

By Ollie N’Jie